Lost in Translation!

Oak Leasing gives you clarity in Europe
Posted on April 04, 2022

I was once asked if I was Claire Voyant, and I had to disappoint the questioner when I told them my name.  Three months ago I brought inflation up as a leading topic. That was three weeks before the Ukraine crisis.

Certainties are disappearing rapidly. Are we now starting to doubt almost everything that we hear? What is his spin, and what is their angle?

In a TV advertisement, you often hear that T’s & C’s are online. Honestly, who then goes online to check? With radio adverts, the T’s & C’s are delivered at a speed last seen on the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans!

Smart and agile companies have to navigate disruption and the economic headwinds that are hitting all European economies.

With every negative, there is a positive. You just have to look harder.

When looking for new markets and opportunities, many companies glance into Europe and see difficulties, language barriers, cross border problems, multi-language websites and additional documentation, not to mention finding a funder in 28 countries.

There is always tension in companies, do we simply push harder in say the UK, and ignore new markets in Europe.

Many companies do exactly that, stay in their comfort zone, normally using the budgetary excuse.  Kick it firmly into the long grass, we will look at it again in three to five years! Some companies simply do not have three to five years!  Markets change very quickly.

With the ability to fund in over 28 countries, and transparent letters of engagement, it is no surprise that manufacturers and companies are approaching us for our insight, knowledge and expertise in funding in Europe.

In simple terms, since January the 1st of this year, we have funded 94 separate deals in 17 European countries. These can be broken down, into UK companies with European customers, European companies with UK & European customers, and US companies selling into both the UK and Europe.

You have the choice,  that choice is simple, language barriers or language opportunities. Will your company remain lost in translation!

By choosing Oak, you will be ahead of the game, our reading of the financial and economic situation in Europe is second to none.

We have done the hard work for you, all you have to do is pick up the phone, send us an email or video call us.

Now, where is my crystal ball!