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When considering a European  equipment leasing partner, you have to chose a european leasing or european finance company that is totally switched on in the market.

As a leading european equipment leasing and european finance broker, we see that it is crucial for companies not to miss out on the european leasing market.

Oak is not run by faceless men in suits, but experienced,knowledgeable, down to earth leasing professionals who will come and meet with you. 

This could be either in the UK, or at your factory in Europe to discuss what is the best leasing solution for you to take, either as a one off  transaction, or a full  european vendor programme.

Our european leasing pedigree shows that over 38,000 visitors a month read the Oaklease blog, which gives you an insight into the european leasing and european finance world.

"Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educated and entertaining, and let me inform you, you could have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent"

Europe's leading equipment leasing broker.

The main benefit to you of Oak being the leading european equipment leasing broker is very simple. We have access to european funders throughout Europe,and each of these funders have a particular niche when it comes to both credit and equipment.We are not limited to either IT or office equipment, but almost every type of equipment that you could imagine, from medical and scientific,airport equipment and robots, to manufacturing and gym equipment.

As we are not limited to one set of leasing underwriters, this gives you the opportunity of more flexibility, more acceptances, and crucially one contact throughout Europe. You will not be passed from one office to another, enabling both sides to build a strong and long lasting profitable relationship together.

European equipment leasing and european finance specialists, Oak Leasing

Oak launches Local European Leasing and European Finance

  • Local offices in European countries
  • Panel of European funders
  • Local language for both customers & suppliers
  • Local payouts in individual countries
  • Local documentation in local language 
  • Local knowledge to help obtain an acceptance
  • Local staff on hand to support the sale


Europe is a market that you can conquer, we have the expertise, you have the products, now lets talk and put a european equipment  leasing  and european finance programme together.

European equipment leasing in 2014, wrote over €276 billion, an increase of over 9.5% . This was the fastest annual growth since 2007.So even in tough financial times, companies use leasing to acquire the equipment that they need.Europese apparatuur lease specialisten Oak Leasing

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Over 40% of our exports are to other EU countries, and we all know that some of these are struggling. The key word here is some… the media tends to lump every country  together in the EU. Let me tell you now, there are EU countries that are growing, most of the Nordic countries are doing quite well, Sweden especially. Moving slightly south to the economies of Germany, and the Netherlands, still growing.

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We launch a european equipment  leasing vendor programme almost every month into Europe, and with our a proven knowledge of the leasing market in Europe, we will guide you to success.  Oak Leasing has launched a unique product in European Vendor Leasing. We have in partnership with a large German funder,  the ability to offer what every European manufacturer  and supplier has been dreaming of for years. Take the first steps with Oak, we can now offer you the following:-

Oak's European Vendor Lease plan includes:

  • Amounts funded from €5000 to  €50 million euros
  • Full website support including language support &  lease calculators
  • Fast answers, normally within hours.
  • Email documentation
  • Fast electronic payouts
  • Bringing "sales-aid" into European Equipment Leasing.

This new European equipment leasing vendor programme will help any European, US or Asian company wishing to sell its products accross Europe, to use leasing as the sales tool it was designed for, but with the added confidence of local European coverage and support.

"Our experience with Oak Leasing for our European equipment leasing has been fantastic. The service has been excellent and the people have been helpful, friendly, and prompt. Being based in the United States requires all our business to be conducted over the phone. We are glad to have Oak Leasing as our partner in the UK that provides us the support and resources that we need. I would strongly recommend Oak to any business looking for a european equipment  leasing partner. We look forward to continuing to work with them long into the future"           Bobby Syed. Sales Director. Bullex Digital Safety Inc. New York.

This year is one of the most turbulent years for the European Leasing market.  According to the FT, a huge German bank has recently announced that it is calling for a temporary halt to international lending to meet stricter capital requirements for European Banks.  The lending freeze highlights what is happening accross Europe and with it comes the risk of a credit crunch for borrowers.  With this firmly in mind , it is crucial that you chose your European equipment leasing partner with extreme care, and chose one that knows exactly what is happening in the european leasing market.

In is in this current financial climate, where you need an experienced leasing partner, to Oak Leasing, The European Equipment Leasing Companyguide you and arrange your European vendor leasing programme, and that is why Biospace Lab have chosen Oak Leasing to be its European leasing partner this month.

To complement this even further, the Norwegian software company Navigator Office have also chosen Oak to be its leasing partner for Europe. With global financial markets unsure of  future funding, we are pleased to confirm that our  European lessors are active, and we have even moved  to fill the vacuum left by the departed lessors into new projects and equipment which now include shipping leasing and logistics.

As becomes the UK's most popular  equipment leasing  and equipment finance company website, we have launched two news feeds  one with the Financial Times, and one with a leading industry expert, to help our suppliers and customers throughout Europe to  have accurate and up to date financial information, essential in these challenging times.

Oak Leasing has successfully   launched  many european vendor leasing programmes for German IT suppliers, and also  full leasing programmes for Austrian manufacturers.

Oak Leasing; the european equipment leasing specialistsOur growth in Europe has drawn diverse equipment companies from America to choose Oak to deliver their european  leasing vendor programmes. The latest company to choose Oak is Semba Bioscience Inc. We have found that companies chose Oak as their leasing partner in Europe for our ability to place deals with a minimum of fuss. Oak can launch a full leasing vendor sales training programme throughout Europe, to help our manufacturing partners achieve their goals. 

If you are selling any equipment either into the UK from Europe, or a UK company Let Oak Leasing complete your European leasing jigsawrequiring european leasing for your sales in Europe, join our growing global list of equipment suppliers and use our  new and exciting web based technology  and use our expertise to increase their sales and profits.

We are very aware that this is a partnership between companies, as Bobby Syed of Bullex New York said,

"I would strongly recommend Oak to any business looking for a european leasing partner."

With that comment, we rest our case.

European Equipment Leasing, Oak Leasing

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