Construction and Scaffolding Equipment Finance

Construction and scaffolding equipment finance is crucial for the support of a growing building economy. In the construction industry, cash flow is a crucial part of any builder or construction company. That is where Oak's construction and scaffolding equipment finance plan helps, as it will spread the cost of vital and quickly required tubes, cradles, or other construction equipment.

Sometimes, events out of your hands will happen, and cashflow could tighten. If that happens, our asset refinance or equipment refinance experience might be just what you require.

By using scaffolding equipment finance or the scaffolding leasing option, the scaffolding or other construction equipment will earn you money as you complete your projects, as you are spreading the capital cost over say 3 years. It enables you to keep funds available for other strategic investments or business opportunities.Construction and Scaffolding Equipment Finance specialists,Oak Leasing

Instead of receiving quotes for the hiring bill from other contractors, you will be able to finance the scaffolding tubing that you require for your new job, and it will be available for your future contracts.

You will always know you have scaffolding and other equipment at hand, no need to ask around for a quote from your normal supplier of scaffolding, and this will also save you money and time. One of Europe's largest and most progressive scaffolding manufacturers, Afix of Belgium has chosen Oak to be its leasing partner. They were fully aware of the benefits to have a flexible scaffolding leasing or finance package to offer to their customers, both in the UK as well as Europe.

Construction and Scaffolding Equipment Finance.

By spreading the capital cost of your scaffolding or other construction equipment, will make it easier on your cashflow to pay both your suppliers and staff on a contract. It also frees up your valuable working capital enabling you to take on future contracts with confidence.

Often you will multi tender hoping for a contract, by using our construction finance, you will be able to turn more tenders in completed contracts. So for all of your beams and boards, towers and falsework, even frogs and belts, we are here to help .Afixgroup choose Oak Leasing for scaffolding leasing and finance

Oak Leasing is fully aware building and construction companies need to have their equipment updated on a regular basis to grasp the growing number of opportunities. By using construction leasing or finance, you can replace older and obsolete equipment, for more economic newer equipment. With both leasing and HP options available, the choice of finance is simply down to your preference.

You will have the knowledge that Oak has the ability to finance construction and scaffolding both in the UK, as well as most of Europe.Where ever your opportunities are, Oak can help you.

It is not just scaffConstruction equipment and scaffolding finance specialists, Oak Leasingolding  heavy construction equipment that we have financed, over the last 24 years, we have financed the full range of surveying equipment from geo -lasers, to highly specialised theodolites. All the equipment that a quantity surveyor would require, not forgetting the IT equipment for the planners and architects.  

On the other side of the site, where they say the real work happens.. ....we have financed mini diggers, compressors, compactors, well the list is almost endless.

We are told we are different, because we are real people in the real word. Whatever your size of your project,be it local housing, or larger commercial projects, whatever your budget, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you grow and support your business, both now, and in the future.

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£ 375.00
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5 yrs


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