The 24 hour sales person!

Posted on February 02, 2014 | , , ,

If I offered you a sales person, who was never ill, never late, never put in expenses, never moaned about the car, never received parking tickets and always said exactly what you wanted them to say, you would snatch my hand off! Where is this mythical enigma? The truth is, you more than likely have that person already.

This incredible sales machine can only be one thing, it is your website. Many companies assume that to have a website, is just like having a brochure, something to show sometimes, or to blithely say, “go to our website” The facts are staggering, 89% of all considered purchases are now searched online as a stage one of the buying process.

We all do it, look at Google to have a quick search to see who we should consider, and to check costs etc. This applies to flights, holidays, car prices, smart phone offers, utility websites etc. It is our first port of call. The second fact is simply amazing, first page of Google has almost 92% of web traffic.  Therefore, if you are page two, the most you can expect  about .5 to .6 % of per placing of enquiries.  Page three and beyond, simply forget it, no chance. So you simply have to have a website on page one of the search engines.

Moreover, the key is to spend on that page almost as if the page was a salesperson without all the ancillary expenses. If you do not, putting it simply, your competitors will, and they will grow, whilst you will stall at best. To achieve a website that generates leads and prospects and crucially sales, you require a friendly attractive website, but also a website that is Search engine optimised on a monthly basis.

Just think, if you went to a website, and clicked on latest news, Jan 2013 we launched a new widget, nothing since…….., you can almost hear the tumbleweed. They either got bored, or simply cannot be bothered. If that is the case, what will they be like to deal with my order? That reflects directly back to the company, and that makes us click away to another site, which is regularly updated, looks fresh, this company looks switched on and reliable. It’s a very simple process, and we do it; if the website looks poor, we assume that dealing with that company will be likewise.

Sites can be in many languages, opening up new markets for you. A well run and optimised website is just like that amazing enigma of a sales person. Always fresh, always welcoming, always selling your company.

Oak speaks from experience; we have invested heavily in our website over the last 10 years. It is the best move we have ever done. Oak Leasing has become the UK’s most popular leasing company website by utilising  and developing its own in-house search engine optimisation and search engine visibility optimisation. Oak decided to go in-house with our own SEO services 10 years ago, as we felt we had to move from a jargon built environment to one that we, as real people could understand.

It proved to be one of the best moves that we have made.SEO services, Oak Leasing We can now offer our seo services to both suppliers and other companies who are looking for a fixed monthly cost to overlook their website, re write and seo the whole site, and monitor its progress.

We will not promise you the stars, or the moon, but we will promise to improve your ranking on search engines. Our record is proof enough.We can now offer website leasing to complete the website jigsaw for you. Search engine visibility is the real key in SEO services optimisation. Putting it jargon free, if you cannot be seen, you are not visible, and that means low website traffic.  If you think you need a refreshing “jargon free ” look at you website to improve its results, just contact us. No smoke, no mirrors, just pure live results, the rest is up to you.

” We have found Oak to be outstanding.Can’t believe what they have done to our website in getting us on the first page within days! ”

Liz Hughes. Salon Connections Director.

So if you wish to make 2014 really happen, give us a call, and see how we can change your website into one that your competitors envy, and drives more leads and sales into your company.