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Euro 2012 Deja Vu?

We are all aware that in key meetings between countries that are involved in the Euro crisis, everybody normally comes out smiling, saying it was a success, and that progress was made. They then, jump in their cars, and disappear … Continue reading

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Funding For Lending, 20 years experience

Last night , the Governor of the Bank of England, and the Chancellor launched a new scheme to assist banks to lend to SME’s. This will apparently cure most of the ills and ailments in the economy! This “funding for … Continue reading

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Grand old Duke of York!

He marched them up the hill, and marched them down again, does this sound familiar to the euro zone. If in doubt, have a summit! ( poor pun I am afraid!) Yesterday, six German banks were downgraded, and three in … Continue reading

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Memorable weekend!

This weekend, we are all thinking of enjoying the Jubilee, and to switch off for a few days with friends and family.  Yet in other parts of Europe, it is not the Jubilee that is foremost on their minds. We … Continue reading

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