Comedy of Errors, but no one’s laughing!

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Posted on April 04, 2019 | , , ,

If you had said to me over two years ago, that our country would find itself is the state of affairs that we are in, I would have replied, No way, we are an articulate and intelligent democracy. How wrong was I!!   We have reached the interactive part of the blog where you can fill in the gaps, the politicians are the biggest …………  this country has had the misfortune to have sitting in parliament for a long time. There are of course, many notable exceptions, Dominic Grieve,Oliver Letwin, Hillary Benn, Yvette Cooper, to name but four.

The sheer intransigence and pure naked aggression of some of our MP’s is just breathtaking. This coupled with blatant career chasing  politicians, has brought us to our present position. When and how this will all end up, goodness knows.

During this period, I  have travelled to meet both customers and suppliers in Europe, and even though we are making a real dogs breakfast of Brexit, there is a feeling of general sadness of us leaving. Some understand the reasons, while others  really wish for the UK to stay. They feel that we are a crucial member in keeping the political balance in Europe. However, they all recognise the democratic result , and wish us well on our departure.

Now, we all have to face the future, be it Norway plus plus, or Customs Union, or whatever, all of us have to focus firmly on the future together.That is the keyword, for if we are not together, we will splinter.

Once the froth has subsided, business will still be there, customers will still be there, and it is up to us to help provide the growth  that our country will need in the future.

So if any customers or suppliers, be it in the UK or Europe, are considering of leasing  equipment, or setting up an European vendor programme, Oak’s cup is firmly half full.