Euro 2012 Deja Vu?

Euro 2012  Deja Vu?
Posted on June 06, 2012 |

We are all aware that in key meetings between countries that are involved in the Euro crisis, everybody normally comes out smiling, saying it was a success, and that progress was made. They then, jump in their cars, and disappear into the night. The following morning, they have all briefed the press with their own particular angle  or spin of the meeting, to satisfy both the global markets, and for home consumption.

Tonight will be different, it will be all out in the open for everyone to see. Germany versus Greece, the battle we all knew would have to happen. This time we will know the exact result, as it happen, live on the TV, as it is the quarter final of the Euro 2012.

I simply wonder that if some of the numerous summits would have been this open, the crisis would have been sorted months ago.

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