Flies in the ointment

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Posted on September 09, 2013 | , , ,

G day, or Germany day approaches for Europe on the 22nd September. The German general election result will have a large effect on the whole of the Eurozone.

Most of Europe hopes that an election victory for Angela Merkel will provide her with the platform to be able to assist the struggling Eurozone economies.

There are two flies in that particular ointment. Firstly, the new political party, Alternative für Deutschland is moving towards the critical 5% of the vote.

For those who are unaware of this new party,they are the anti euro party in Germany, a sort of German UKIP. If they achieve 5%, they will gain seats in the Bundestag, and could well move Angela Merkel to form a coalition with her rival, the SPD. With the results of a recent poll showing that 55% of Germans thought that the Eurozone should be reduced, room to manoeuvre for the new Chancellor will be greatly reduced, and unconditional support for struggling countries will not be available to her.

Once the election is decided, all of the problems that have been held in limbo over the Summer months will surface. The extra bailout for Greece, and the restructuring of the Eurozone banks will have to be decided. That will cause problems, as all of these issues will upset one or more country in the zone. Could be time for another summit!

However, while Europe holds its collective breath, the UK has good news, the service sector has grown at the fastest rate for six years. The influential OECD predicts growth in the UK economy to rise to 1.7% between June and December.


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Oak ahead of the game again! in today’s FT, dated 9th September, one of their highly respected political commentators states that after the German election,”the German government could  have even less room for manoeuvre in the eurozone crisis”  Good to know that we fully understand the Eurozone yet again.