Grand old Duke of York!

Grand old Duke of York!
Posted on June 06, 2012 |

He marched them up the hill, and marched them down again, does this sound familiar to the euro zone. If in doubt, have a summit! ( poor pun I am afraid!)

Yesterday, six German banks were downgraded, and three in Austria. The main reason was the risk of contagion from Spain, and  the other  countries at risk.  Germany is becoming more and more isolated both in the G8, and in Europe. It is now rapidly becoming the financial markets against the slow political movements of governments. Remember, they have had over two years to sort this euro crisis out, they fudged badly in the early stages with Greece, and this is now coming to haunt them all.

New phrases will emerge, “eurozone bonds” ” banking union”, but these are all in the future, they have to move now, and with deliberate action. So there we all are, on top of the hill, the question is, do we march down, or do we stay on top?

This uncertainty could affect any exporter of equipment in both the eurozone, or in Europe. Let Oak say it clearly, we are staying at the top of the hill to help any company wishing to use leasing as a “sales aid ” to selling to their customers in Europe.  We have funding in place to help you sell your equipment. Just give Oak a call on 044 1291 625211