Kicked into the long grass!!

Posted on July 07, 2015 | , , ,

I cannot believe that here we are again,back in the Summer of 2012, I wrote a blog mainly about Greece, I said “Is it still more austerity, which will increase the chances of sovereign default, or will they be brave, and go for some  growth package to enable countries to come out of the recession.So, what started off as a tragedy, ended up as a marathon, it could only happen in Greece”

If politicians are faced with a decision that might be termed ” difficult” , the thing that they do best is ” kick it into the long grass” Sir Humphrey Appelby of ” Yes Minister” was a fine example of such an art form!

All of the EU politicians were aware that Greece could never succeed with the terms of their bailout, the period was far too short, and was never going to be achieved. However, the ” difficult” problem was telling the electorate what the reality actually was for them. Better simply to say that it will be sorted sometime in the future, nothing to worry about now !

There is a time where,  what was the future is now today. To be fair, the Greeks have not endeared themselves to the Trioka at all, so we all wait for the outcome later this week, Grekxit or not, that is the question.

The UK has faced a similar ” difficult ” decision over Heathrow, since 2006, many consultations and  in depth reports later, still no decision, however there is a rumour of a combine haverster is on it’s way, the grass is so long!

Companies face very similar decision to governments, do we invest now, or do we wait, if it is a “difficult” decision, better give is more thought, and then, even more thought. Opportunities come and go, they do not stay there for ever, and if a company sees an opportunity, they have to make the decision , no ifs or maybes.

Leasing helps spread the cost of the equipment over say three or five years, so that the equipment can pay for itself from the extra revenue that it has produced. No company pays its staff three years salary in advance do they? So why pay for your vital equipment needed for growth  before it has earned you a penny, ( or for our European collegues, a cent!)

Banks are still quite cagey about lending to smaller and medium companies at flexible terms, leasing can be tailor made to suit both you and the term of the equipment. It really is a ” no brainer”

Let’s hope that I won’t be writing about Greece in another three years time, however if you need your  long grass cutting, come to Oak,  over 24 years practice!