Mission Almost Impossible!

Oak Leasing , The European equipment finance specialists.
Posted on April 04, 2020 | , , ,

It looked at one time that even Ethan Hunt would be undone by the challenges that lay ahead.  

The time frame was very tight indeed, the aviation industry was almost at a standstill , the coronavirus had taken hold ,and planes had almost ceased flying worldwide.

We received an initial enquiry concerning the leasing of equipment  from one of our regular GSE manufacturers. They had an aviation customer, based in Europe who required finance for multiple sites.  As you would expect in the present situation, cash flow was critical, so leasing was the only option available to the company.

We assisted the customer in writing their plan showing how the equipment would help them service more airlines, generating future profits, even in  these challenging circumstances. When presented to the  underwriters, they agreed, the equipment delivered, documentation signed, and the whole deal paid out for our supplier

Considering the total value  of the equipment was well into six figures, a great achievement.  More importantly, a very happy supplier, and a very happy customer.

The question for you is, do you have another mission for us?