Nothing New Here !!

Posted on August 08, 2016 | , , ,

 I don’t suppose many of us had ever heard of the Nebra Sky Disk. It is not linked to any broadcast channel, or broadband provider, others may be available!! The Nebra Sky Disk is a Bronze age disk, found near Halle, in Germany, which enabled the people to know when to plant their crops. When the star cluster, The Pleiades, was in position to the new moon, it would have been early Spring, the best time to plant crops. The question you ask is, how is this linked to european equipment leasing?

The answer is very simple, when they initially analysed the disk, they found that surprisingly the gold came from Cornwall, and the Tin in the bronze, also came from Cornwall. This is about 1600 BC! Long before the Europe was really thought of, we were trading, in our log boats across the continent. I am unsure if those early traders used leasing, but it shows that we have been selling into Europe for thousands of years.

The question is now, why do we have a hang up with selling into Europe? Do we have better communication than those original log boats, can we travel quicker, do we have currency that we can use? Of course we have, there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever in why companies do not trade and sell more into Europe. It is by far our largest export market, and will remain so, Brexit or no Brexit.

The key is very simple, it is like learning to ride a bike, you start with stabilisers, and then when you are confident, off they come, and away you go. Just let Oak Leasing be your stabilisers when thinking of selling into Europe.

We have over 24 years of European leasing experience. If traders from the Bronze Age could do it, you most certainly can.

There was no European Union when this disk was made, Brussels was still marsh land, and when we do leave the EU, we will leave the Union, not Europe. If you wish to move into the UK’s largest market place, please just give us a call.