I know nothing!

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Posted on June 06, 2017 | , , ,

Here we are again, as Laurel and Hardy would say, “That’s another fine mess you got me into” or even going further to Victor Meldrews’ catch phrase, ” I don’t believe it !”

How we are constantly putting ourselves in positions that everybody will lose.

In this pantomime period that we all find ourselves, we cannot say the phase that is used at every show, ” It’ behind you ” because it all in front of us. The odds on another election in a year must be very high, a change of a leader, again very high. All businesses want and requires is certainty. And that is in very short supply.

But even with all of this going on around us, UK firms are growing, selling very well into the world markets, taking on more people to help them grow their business. We are very resilient, and determined to keep our companies safe, growing and successful.

The export boom has pushed manufacturing growth to a three year high, albeit on the weakness of sterling. But all of this could be scuppered by an animal, with very large ears, normally found in a corner of a room , trumpets loudly , and has two tusks. Even the EU only has one Tusk!

It is imperative that both sides of the Brexit discussions move very much on a pragmatic approach. I think that the main key to successful negotiations is that it is a score draw for both parties. No one must come out saying we won, they lost. That is the politics of the playground , not grown up countries.

We have found over the last few months that large companies, are turning to leasing as a crucial sales aid to increasing their sales. This is very apparent in Europe, where two very large companies have chosen Oak as their  leasing partner, so I know that we must be doing something right.

Over the next few months, everybody will have a break or a holiday, and hopefully come back refreshed ready for what lies ahead. Normally , I could safely say what lies in front of us, but the last year has proved, continuing on the quote front . That I am just like Manuel from Faulty Towers, ” I know nothing”