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Posted on October 10, 2018 | , , ,

It was given the name The Thinker not by the artist, but by foundry workers!   This famous sculpture by Rodin, is from The Gates of Hell initially represented Minos, judge of the damned in the Divine Comedy, and was later supposed to represent the poet Dante.

So there we are, what we think is something, turns out to be nothing like the original. Now I wonder what news items could be bracketed in such a way! One thing I think we can all agree on, either Brexiteers or Remainers, it is a total shambles.

New phrases are being learnt by millions, “backstop, regulatory alignment”. These must have been on the lips of Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes Minister. Ambiguity still lives ! There is always Canada plus plus plus, and as all you mathematicians know, there must be an opposite, so where is Canada minus minus minus? Have we missed something here!

The events are now changing so quickly that whatever that I write, will look very jaded in perhaps only a couple of days. The one fact that I know will not change, the world will still keep turning, businesses will still sell and manufacture products, all over Europe and the world. It would be very easy with such a Brexit timetable to say, let’s wait, see what happens, and hope for the best.

Opportunities are still out there, customers requiring your equipment, customers needing a finance solution, which will help you sell equipment. Now is not the time to contemplate your feet, it is time to fix on the horizon, and look for perhaps quirky opportunities, where your competitors are standing still.

One such company is a very large fast food franchise, who, since late Summer, have moved from an initial enquiry to Oak, to be able to offer a leasing solution to help their franchisees  grow throughout Europe. With our European leasing expertise, from initial enquiry to launch has taken only 9 weeks, and that is covering all of Europe.

So, if you wish to avoid a “cliff edge” or considering the “four freedoms, or a Norway model” …. just remember WTO rules !!