Ostriches found in EU!

Ostriches found in EU!
Posted on August 08, 2012 |

What, first with elephants in a room, now ostriches with heads in sand, whatever next. The problem is when your head is in the sand, you are leaving another part of your anatomy very exposed.

Mario Draghi, leader of the European Central Bank, said during the week, ” the euro was  irreversible”, so all would be well. A few weeks ago, I mentioned about the Grand of Duke of York, who marched up the hill , and marched them down again. In today’s FT, there is a comment from  Alan Wilde, head of fixed income at Baring Asset Management,  who said about Mario Draghi “He’s marched us all up the hill only to disappoint us on the way down.” It’s good to know that Oak is anticipating accurately what is going to happen in the euro zone!

The Spanish Government appear to be in a state of denial concerning their economy, as they do not wish to accept the conditions of a possible bail out. So if in doubt, put your head in the sand.

Hans Michelbach,who is a very senior member of the German parliament’s Finance Committee, said in an interview with the financial daily Handelsblatt that “the ECB be explicitly forbidden from buying sovereign bonds on the secondary market” That simple statement means that Mario’s scheme to save the euro is doomed to failure.

As Kipling said “If you can keep your head when all about you
are losing theirs” there are huge opportunites for manufacturers and suppliers to sieze in the eurozone. You simply need an experienced guide to help you navigate your way through the maze.

May I humbly suggest that Oak is the guide with the proven experience to help you in the european equipment leasing market place. Just give us a call, and leave the rest us, and we will help you avoid all of the ostriches!