Singing from the same song sheet?

Singing from the same song sheet?
Posted on October 10, 2012 |

I think that we ought to appoint Gareth Malone as the new head of the IMF, ECB, and any other major financial institution. I know that may sound a bit on the drastic side, but why not?

Gareth Malone has everybody singing from the same song sheet, they even sing in harmony, and critically  most people enjoy the result.

You may wonder why say this now, well lets just look at this  one week in Europe. During the week,there was another high level split over the euro zone crisis. The head of the IMF,Christine Lagarde warned that EU leaders should ease demands for tighter austerity.

No sooner had she spoken when Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Finance minister said “When you want to climb a big mountain and you start climbing down the mountain, then the mountain will get even higher.” Harmony, I don’t think so!

José Viñals, who is the head of the IMF’s monetary and capital markets department, seemed to warn Germany away from blocking any Spanish request for financial assistance. That Mr Schäuble, then insisted that Spain does not need additional financing aid even as Brussels has been pushing it to ask for assistance.

I think that is called two part harmony!

I have said before in this european equipment leasing blog that unless this is sorted, countries will look to split up. A few weeks ago I mentioned about Catalonia was wishing perhaps to leave Spain, this is now spreading even to Belgium.

Bart De Wever, according to the Belgium press has turned a local ballot in Antwerp into almost a referendum on independence for Flanders. Secessionist sentiment is also on the rise in South Tyrol. Just when Europe requires one clear voice, all we can hear is disharmony.

Business requires  political stability for growth, and growth is what Europe needs. This will prove a very interesting Autumn for Europe. So all those in favour of Gareth Malone being made head of the IMF etc, raise your hands now !

For all of your european leasing requirements,you need people who both understand Europe, but crucially have their finger firmly on the pulse. For setting up a choir, call Gareth, for leasing just call Oak Leasing!