Supporting one of the worlds largest fast food companies!

European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing
Posted on September 09, 2021 | ,

Over three years ago, Oak were approached by one of the worlds largest fast food companies to provide a leasing solution for all of their outlets in Europe. This had to cover over 30 countries.

The suppliers of the equipment  originated from various countries,  USA, UK as well as Europe.

The equipment varied from Menu boards, IT, Epos, Ovens, and a multitude of other equipment.

After meeting the company, and introducing them to our funders in Europe, the next stage was then working with the suppliers in different countries, different languages, and lease agreements in their respective local language.

Sales training for the suppliers was provided throughout Europe.

At present, we have funded the equipment in Koln,  Assen, Alkmaar, Utrecht, Vienna, Tours, Duisberg, Cholet,   Pantin,  Essen, Merzig, Potsdam, Madrid,  Maastricht, Nederweert, Helsinki, Tampare,  Dublin, Riga, Lille, Berg, Tilberg, Munich, Pori,  Neuotting, Krakow, Rotterdam, Boblingen,  Hyvinkaa, Zwolle, Stuttgart, Amiens,  Zagreb, Vantaa, Arnhem, Hameenlinna,  and the Canary Isles to name just a few!

Even I had to look at a map to locate some our customers!

If you are looking for a real European leasing solution, with a proven pedigree, not just major cities, and with full European support, even post Brexit, you know where to come.