To reach the peaks, you need an experienced guide!

The proven European Equipment Leasing specialists, Oak Leasing
Posted on December 12, 2018 | , , ,

As most sane people are suffering from I would call acute Brexit fatigue at the moment, I will gloss over this by simply quoting Doris Day, “Que Sera Sera!” We will all know a great deal more where our future relationship in Europe will be in the coming weeks.

If you ask people, what is the highest mountain in Germany, some will correctly say it is the Zugspitze, on the German- Austrian border, not far from Garmisch. The mountain has a rack railway, which is tunnelled through the mountain, and two large cable cars , transporting roughly half a million visitors a year to the top of Germany. The views are brilliant,  the amenities include restaurants, bars, and of course the obligatory shop selling fridge  Oak Leasing, the European equipment leasing specialistsmagnets, bottle openers etc, all with the Zugspitze picture. I can hear what you are saying, what is this to do with European leasing or any other sort of finance?

Just bear with me, can anyone tell me what is the second highest mountain in Germany,……. it is the Hochwanner. Bit of a difference though, no rack railway, I am afraid no cable cars, just a partial trackless Grade 1 mountain climb, but, what I can say, not a great deal of visitors, normally two men or women and a dog! Oh I forgot, bring your own sandwiches as well, and a waterproof, no cover here!

No-one remembers who came second apart from the team or person themselves. No exciting press releases, or plaudits, just forgotten files. In selling anything, there is always only one winner, the one who has the signed order!!

It has taken Oak over 18 months of discussions and meetings in Europe to complete one major vendor launch. They are a world market leader in tooling, and required a total European leasing programme. They needed an experienced European leasing guide to help them find what they required. You would never attempt to climb an alpine mountain without an experienced guide, who is aware of the obstacles, has the staying power and the tenacity to support you through to the conclusion.

The second launch has been completed from start to finish in under 4 months. This company is one of the top two companies in the world in their particular field. The project had to be completed in a very tight time frame, and again, had to cover all of Europe including the Baltic States. They have asked other funders, who had said, well might be able to help in 3-4 countries, but sorry, unable to cover all of Europe. Their approach to European finance was as much good as a chocolate teapot!  The company are delighted in how “joined – up” we could make the whole solution for them, so much so , that we are exploring other avenues with the company.

So in summary, if you want to climb to the highest peaks in Europe, you have to have the best guide, if you wish increase your profitability and sales by using leasing or finance in Europe, you really do require the most experienced and proven guide, and the best guide there is, …..well you already know the answer, Oak Leasing