When the going gets tough…

When the going gets tough…
Posted on August 08, 2012 |

Way back in 1985, when Billy Ocean wrote the song, the UK was also in a tough economic time.  We find ourselves now in tough and hard times. Exports fell 3.1% and we have now the largest trade deficit for 15 years.

Over 40% of our exports are to other EU countries, and we all know that some of these are struggling. The key word here is some… the media tends to lump every country  together in the EU. Let me tell you now, there are EU countries that are growing, most of the Nordic countries are doing quite well, Sweden especially. Moving slightly south to the economies of Germany, and the Netherlands, still growing.

The alpine countries are growing, Austria and Switzerland.  If I said that the EU’s sixth largest economy grew by 3.8% in 2011 , and should grow by a further 2.5% this year (OECD forecast), I would think you would be amazed. This country is Poland.  So putting it simply the EU group is not all on a downward spiral.

This means that there are markets  and counties that can be sold to, ready to accept our exports. As with all things, it normally comes down to price. If I could show you a way to overcome the price objection for sales of equipment in Europe, many of you would wonder if it was possible.

I can tell you now how to overcome the price objection, it is very simple and has worked for everybody since I first went into leasing 37 years ago. You simply lead with a “ballpark leasing figure at the very start of your discussions, and by so doing minimising the cost of the equipment.

For only €1285 per month, you can enjoy the benefits and extra profits generated by this new piece of equipment. For all you equipment resellers, can you tell me what the invoice price of the equipment is? Please send your answers on the comments form, and I will respond to you.

As the song says, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” If you need a company who has the european equipment leasing experience to help you get tough in selling into Europe, you know who to call!

Oak Leasing, the european equipment leasing specialists.