Tricks of Nostalgia!

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Posted on April 04, 2018 | , , ,

Years ago, there was a very popular TV programme called ” The Good Old Days”, where the audience would dress up in costumes of the turn of the century,  and it was based on an old music hall setting.

There was and still is a definite feeling that when we were all younger, “things” were far better, Summers were hotter and longer, pop music was far better, and our dress sense was, well…. a word comes to mind, unique!

I am convinced that the decision for Brexit was based on this feeling of nostalgia! The percentage of younger people who wished to remain was far higher than those wishing to leave, but the decison has been made, and we all move on.

As we start to approach the endgame of the Brexit negotiations,the general feeling of business uncertainity is beginning to grow. Some of the media seem to report as if we are approaching the land of milk and honey; I do not share their view, and speaking to manufacturers and customers in both the UK and Europe, they do not believe this view.

If you are thinking about the past, how it used to be, and this will apply to both those think about the Empire, and those who think we should have stayed in the EU, I would simply say this, you cannot fall over something behind you, you have to look ahead at the future, that is where the obstacles are waiting for you.

Over the last year, Oak has been approached by more and more UK ,European, and even Australian  manufacturers who are firmly looking straight ahead, looking to the future, and using leasing to its full advantage to increase their sales. The size of these deals are not small €20K – €50K deals, but starting at over €150- to €5mK. Our unique panel of European funders ensure that we can offer a bespoke  european equipment leasing service to an increasing number of companies. From online web portals, to sales training in almost every European language, with documentation to match.

One of our manufacturers  summed up what we offered them  and their sales team in Europe, ” we did not believe that this was possible”. They were only looking ahead.

Hindsight and nostalgia make a dangerous partnership, they simply slow progress, and makes companies almost stand still. Companies will always make mistakes, Oak has, over the last 25 years, but we always look ahead and drive forward with new ideas, and  renewed enthusiasm to assist others in reaching their individual goals, either as a new start business or a major manufacturer looking to move into new markets.

Don’t look back, you are not going that way!