We have not stood still this Autumn, we have opened a new leasing and finance facility for both Portugal and Spain.

Our expertise has helped many companies, both in Spain and Portugal, from industrial companies to service and manufacturing companies, as well as infrastructure companies.

With our panel of over forty European funders, we can, and have made a difference throughout Europe.

The first step is always the hardest one to take, so to make it easier for both of us we have a leading video call platform. The invitation is always there for you.

What could be better than sharing a coffee with a Pastel de Nate or a warm Churros con Chocolate?

Video call Oaklease


One Portuguese company did just that over four years ago, and we have now completed our fifth lease funding for new equipment, which has assisted both their investment programme and their expansion into new markets

The President of that company, as he shook my hand said “You are the Premier League”. A compliment indeed. Oaklease expands Leasing and Finance in Spain and Portugal

As we look ahead to 2024,  the European leasing landscape is changing, and so is Oak.

Many of the larger European mainstream banks are reverting to a sector-based focus on credit risk analysis when looking at any new business proposals, this applies also to equipment.  Our funders do not, blinkers are for horses!

If you are considering an investment in new equipment or require a vendor lease programme, and are looking for a transparent, knowledgeable partner, just give us a call, you never know where it might lead, perhaps even the Premier League!