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Business equipment finance, industrial equipment finance, and equipment leasing are crucial to any growth for the economy. Without the funding in place, growth will simply stagnate.

We are different,we structure each deal to suit you and your particular circumstances.Being a boutique equipment finance funder, we have considerable experience in overcoming most of the potential obstacles that might arise. 

Be it payment in advance documentation, stage payments, chattel mortgages, payment on landing in the UK, and crucially considerable experience in handling suppliers of equipment from the EU and the USA.

As the saying goes,seen it,done it,and most importantly, got the tee shirt !!

With thousands of customers, millions funded, over 26 years experience and knowledge, coupled with outstanding lease rates,and totally impartial, let us show you how we differ from the traditional funders.

Your flexible funder

We are flexible on equipment !

We are flexible on underwriting !

We are flexible on New Starts, they are welcome here!

We are flexible on Rates!

Money is money, the only difference is the cost!  Check our rate calculator and start saving money now!  

Another recent survey showed that overdraft limits of almost three quarters of the 250 business owners interviewed had been reduced. It is no wonder that leasing is now growing fast, as  it isBusiness finance from Oak Leasing an essential part of a company's financial armoury.

Cutting to the chase, No preamble, No mission statements, just straight talking. We can help you with your business equipment finance and industrial business finance, even if you are a new start, or you have been trading for under three years.


If you need a plan B, or even a plan A mark 2, when your existing avenues of business finance have either closed, shut, or the terms have altered,  just give us a call 

For straight talking realistic business finance, Real people in the real world. Let us be the final piece of your financial jigsaw.


Business Equipment Finance Calculator.

Business Equipment Finance.

Business equipment Finance specialists Oak Leasing


The opportunities for growth don't often come, so when they arise, you have to sieze the moment. This could involve new industrial equipment or machinery.

After the decision to invest, the next question is how to acquire the equipment, is it cash or is it finance. Oak will be able to offer both HP or leasing, whatever is best suited to your company. The term will be tailored to best suit your cash flow and pay back of the  machinery or equipment. This will provide you with a new credit line, away from your existing bankers.

The Bank of England in their latest report, "Trends in Lending"  confirms that bank lending has continued to fall since 2009., roughly 10% in the last 12 months alone. Oak is determined to help firms obtain the business finance that they require for growth.

Situations can change quickly for any company, a debtor might go under, and you could require money to cover the shortfall, or you might see an opportunity in the market, and have to move fast.

With these, and any other situations, our business equipment finance  plan can help you grow and survive without asking your existing  bankers, and importantly keeping your existing credit lines free.

Business equipment finance will give you a new credit line that , unlike an overdraft will run for the whole period and cannot be called in, causing you potential headaches and problems in the future. We will not come up with a business equipment finance offer in minutes, that is off the peg, and we do not do off the peg.

Oak will  tailormake a bespoke solution to your individual financial requirements, which will suit you down to the ground. Putting it simply, we can help you make the figures add up, either for expansion or establishment.

Almost 22,000 companies have contacted Oak Leasing to help arrange their business equipment finance needs over the years. This experience and knowledge is waiting to help you, imagine what we can do for you.



The best equipment leasing rates, Oak Leasing


Looking for the best equipment leasing rates? Use our lease calculator, But don't tell everyone !!

European Equipment Finance and Leasing, Oak Leasing ,the European equipment leasing specialists To win in Europe, You need to join our winning team


Oak Leasing, the equipment leasing specialists

Equipment refinance solution specialists, Oak Leasing

Equipment Refinance Specialists
We always think outside the box

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Why use Leasing?

  • New Credit Line:
  • Does not affect existing bank overdrafts
  • Conserves valuable working capital
  • Tax allowable
  • Accurate budgeting, and is a fixed cost.
  • Upgrade at any time during the lease
  • Spread the cost over the life of
  the equipment  

No one pays their staff 3 years
salary in advance,why should
you pay for your equipment
3 years in advance?

Equipment Leasing & Business Finance, Oak Leasing

European Equipment Leasing, Oak Leasing

Looking for an European
Equipment Leasing partner ?
You have found us !


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