Equipment Leasing & Equipment Finance in Ireland.

Oak Leasing can offer equipment leasing & equipment finance in Ireland .We have been writing leasing in Ireland for over 14 years, and will continue to do so,even in the financial climate. As part of Oak Leasing's continued expansion into Europe, Oak Leasing, with one of it's main european fundering partners, are actively writing  more equipment leasing in Ireland.

Just to confirm, Oak is very much open for business in Northern Ireland, and is looking to expand greatly over the next 12 months, however in the Irish Republic, we are restricted in our funding capacity in this present changeable financial climate to mainly IT, both hardware and software & office equipment, and technology products.

 "For our economy to grow it is vital that lending  improves here, especially due to our reliance upon SME businesses which depend heavily on bank lending. The banking and access to finance issue is key for now"
Northern Ireland's Finance Minister Sammy Wilson: September 29th 2010 

A recent report shows that lending to SMEs in Ireland fell sharply to €407m in the first quarter of 2012, compared to €700m in the fourth quarter of 2010, as banks retrench their lending books even further. However Oak can help these firms if they are looking to invest in the following equipment such as all office equipment, IT equipment , both hardware & software, medical equipment and machinery and machine tools.  We know that the list is limited, but at least it shows that we are trying to help businesses  arrange equipment leasing and finance in Ireland.

We are all aware, the financial problems are hitting most of the European countries, some more than others. For any lease  or finance deals for the Irish Republic,  please contact us and we will consider each deal on its individual merits. A software house conatcted us in the beginning of the year, and we are now currently leasing software for that supplier into all of their customers in the Irish Republic.Just one call opened up a whole new market for them, so please give us a call and see how we can assist you in equipment leasing in Ireland.

Whilst our capacity to lend in the Irish Republic is reduced, in Northern Ireland our capacity has increased. No matter what your equipment is, be it  computers, both hardware and software, photocopiers, to plant and machinery and farming equipment. Oak is now the one stop shop for equipment  leasing in Ireland.

Oak Leasing, equipment leasing for Ireland Your proposals can be sent to us via the website, or by email to You can be paid  in Euro's or Sterling, the choice is yours. So instead of turning away business in Ireland, you can now have the same Oak service in both countries. If you are an equipment supplier based in  Ireland, you can use the Euro rate calculator by simply clicking any of the flags at the top of the welcome page, as all of the flags use the same euro exchange rate.

 This is part of Oak's  expansion into the European leasing market, which now includes  own language pages in French, German, Italian, Dutch & Spanish .  


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Our experience with Oak Leasing has been fantastic.

The service has been excellent and the people have been helpful, friendly, and prompt. Being based in the United States requires all our business to be conducted over the phone.

We are glad to have Oak Leasing as our partner in the UK that provides us the support and resources that we need.

I would strongly recommend Oak to any business looking for a leasing partner. We look forward to continuing to work with them  long into the future.

Bobby Syed,  Bullex Digital Safety Inc.  New York