Business Equipment Refinance.

  • Restructure of equipment refinance,
  • Business equipment refinance,
  • Refinance leasing
  • Refinance  HP deals
  • Sale & lease back,
  • Loan consolidation

Let us complete your financial jigsaw.


Businesses Financed

  • New Starts
  • Highly geared businesses (including rental businesses)
  • Businesses in CVA
  • Companies with Adverse or Trading Losses
  • Directors in an IVA, Arrangement or with Adverse
  • Businesses located across the UK

Refinance Features

  • Up to 90% LTV
  • Lends of £ 25,000 – £ 250,000
  • On a Term of 3 months to 5 year
  • Funding available on unencumbered and financed assets (subject to settlement of existing finance agreements)
  • Lends secured on a range of industrial assets of any ages

Available on Hire Purchase or Finance Lease

Funds can be used for any purpose

  • To recover for a bad debt
  • Reduce a bank overdraft
  • To acquire assets from a supplier or administrator
  • Restructure existing finance agreements (potentially reducing monthly repayments)
  • Fund the exit of a shareholder or to buy another business
  • Finance the settlement of a balloon
  • Reduce monthly commitments
  • Pay a pending tax liability
  • Purchase soft assets, stock or consumables

The immediate benefits of equipment refinance are:-

  • The injection of new funds to assist short – medium term cash flow.
  • The funding of Phoenix companies or Pre-Packs.
  • Enables you to retain ownership of your business.
  • Reduced monthly repayments.
  • Ability in assisting in company restructuring.
  • MBO or MBI  fund raising


Oak has completed a sale and HP back for an engineering firm, who have released over £250K to re invest in their business.

This is typical of the type of deals that we can structure, just think what we can do for you!