If you are a manufacturer, and selling equipment across Europe, the ability to offer a lease solution to over 30 countries is a serious game changer.



Problems can occur when handling your lease enquiries across Europe, dealing with leasing in many countries, different people and contacts, their emails, phone numbers, mobiles, and multiple offices in different languages, local regulation and compliance, and often more than one funder.


This takes time, which is crucial when offering a sales aid leasing solution.


Put in another way, we offer a one click login lease portal, covering thirty countries, with a proven European partner.Video call Oaklease


With E sign documentation in every language and real time information at your fingertips


To discover how it would work for you, book a video call, it’s that simple.



Oak’s knowledge will give you…

  •   Expertise:    Using our 30 years of knowledge and experience in Europe, we give you one point of contact whose expertise in differing regulations throughout European countries is crucial. Instead of dealing with multiple companies and different teams in different locations, you work with a single person, who has a broad understanding of the financial landscape in Europe.


  •  Efficiency:  A single point of contact ensures a consistent level of service, as the various banks and funders have different equipment and underwriting policies in various countries.


  • Simplicity : We streamline communication with the one click lease portal, reducing decision making, reducing your time and effort required in managing your European funding solutions.


  • Cost Effective: We do all of the hard yards for you, finding the funders who best suit your equipment and customers.  This saves your valuable time and effort. By utilising us, we can offer the best rates for all types of your customers, throughout Europe.


Overcome Borders with the European leasing and finance specialists, Oak LeasingDoes your present funder stop at borders, we don’t, we cross over 30 borders!

As we move through 2024,  the European leasing landscape is changing. Many of the larger European mainstream banks are reverting to a sector-based focus on credit risk analysis when looking at any new business proposals, this applies also to equipment.


We roll our sleeves up and ensure that your deals are accepted, no hullabaloo, no fanfare, just professional graft, knowledge of the market and leasing expertise. With funding available in 30 countries, documentation in the local language, sales support locally, and e-sign documentation, and one point of contact, what more could you ask?

Very simple really, payment options matter, more now than ever before. Customers, large or small will expect their suppliers to offer a European finance solution payment option.

 We do not stand still, last Autumn, we have opened a new leasing and finance facility for both Portugal and Spain.This year we will continue to expand.Oaklease expands Leasing and Finance in Spain and Portugal


Many companies state that they can arrange leasing in Europe, but the key question is how much of Europe?


Oak in 2023 funded over 52 businesses in Finland, funded over 36 in Poland, and hundreds in Germany and France. Not of course forgetting Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy etc.


Our process is seamless, with only one contact point for 30 countries.  Since the beginning of the year, we have successfully funded a £10 million purchase of a company in the UK including its assets, funded a medical production system in France, with a total value of €4 million, set up a vendor leasing programme for a leading CNC company in Europe, helped a company in Portugal expand its growth by arranging a large seven-figure investment in new equipment, just to give you a taste of how we can help both suppliers and companies alike in Europe.


In the last three months of 2023, we have completed over 137 different European deals, the value of these, well into eight figures.  Our customers varied from US companies funding in both the UK as well as Europe, and European manufacturers requiring finance for their customers throughout Europe and the UK.   


Last year suppliers and customers chose us to fund their equipment in over 185 locations. From Lisbon to  Koln, Alkmaar to Erfurt, Utrecht to  Vienna, Potsdam to Helsinki, Tampere to  Dublin, Lille to Munich, Krakow to Boblingen, Zwolle to Stuttgart, Zagreb, to Essen, Arnhem to Hyvinkaa to name just a few!! 


If you are looking for a seamless European equipment finance solution, look no further


We are fully aware that each of our European suppliers and customers has unique challenges in their own countries, and therefore we have developed our pan-European equipment finance to meet these challenges with expertise, dedication, transparency, integrity and sincerity.  Do not think these are just “off the peg”, each of our plans is bespoke to your individual requirements, both as a supplier or as a stand-alone customer.