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Oak Leasing has been arranging leasing for garage equipment leasing  and garage equipment finance for over 25 years, so we still have some way to go to qualify for an MOT exemption certificate! However, we are recognized as one of the leading garage equipment leasing companies for MOT test equipment, automotive diagnostic equipment, and  garage  equipment lifts.

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We even arrange garage equipment leasing in Europe, so wherever you have a forecourt or garage, we can help you.Funders come and go, but Oak remains a constant reliable and experienced garage equipment finance and leasing company for over 25 years.

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Our knowledge of garage equipment leasing and garage equipment finance helps you obtain very high acceptances of your proposals, that includes even new start business's. We are very aware that garages have to keep up to date with all the new requirements of both emissions and waste.

Garage equipment suppliers have been using leasing as a sales tool for over 30 years. No matter what type of equipment that you sell, by leading with a lease rental figure will always minimise the cost of the garage equipment by quoting a "ballpark" monthly or weekly figure. 


The benefits of leasing to your customers is that they can afford what the really require today. Cash flow is critical to any business,  but by spreading the cost over the working life of the equipment relieves the financial pressure on the business.


 No one pays for their staff 3 or 5 years in advance, so why pay for your garage  equipment in advance.

Garage equipment leasing is a valuable tool  for you to acquire the garage equipment that you need. Unlike overdrafts, once agreed, a lease will continue until it expires at the agreed  date.

Why do Garages use equipment leasing?

Reasons to Lease.
  • Leasing will give them a new credit line that once agreed and started, the terms cannot be changed in any way, which includes the monthly or quarterly repayment.

  • Leasing does not affect existing banking overdrafts or other credit or HP lines. With credit being restricted, leasing will be the main way for business to overcome the  credit crunch and acquire new equipment.

  • Leasing conserves valuable working capital for more profitable use elsewhere in your business.

  • Assists accurate budgeting and forecasting, as lease is tailored made for your requirements. As leasing is a fixed cost, and inflation rises, the real cost to you will decrease. 

  • Upgrade equipment at any time during the lease, so you will always have the option of the latest technology. 

Everybody's reason can be slightly different, but the basis is always the same; spreading the cost over the life of the equipment and making the transaction tax efficient. 

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Why use Leasing?

  • New Credit Line:
  • Does not affect existing bank overdrafts
  • Conserves valuable working capital
  • Tax allowable
  • Accurate budgeting, and is a fixed cost.
  • Upgrade at any time during the lease
  • Spread the cost over the life of
  the equipment  

No one pays their staff 3 years
salary in advance,why should
you pay for your equipment
3 years in advance?

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"Most of the equipment finance and equipment leasing companies will fund only the established businesses. But Oak Leasing help even the start ups since they understand the difficulties that the start ups and business face."

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