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With over 25 years of IT equipment leasing & computer equipment leasing, Oak has specialised  experience in IT equipment  leasing, both hardware and software, and computer equipment leasing for SME's & mid size business. Oak will give you flexibility and scalability for your IT and computer requirements.Flexibility and Scalability IT computer leasing, Oak Leasing

Sometimes events overtake us, and urgent replacement of computer equipment is required, perhaps causing budget capex problems. If this is the case, IT computer leasing could be your answer.

 Let Oak untangle the jargon,we will tailor-make our IT leasing solutions to fulfill your budgets, your time frames and your business requirements.

Oak Leasing will fund the total cost of the IT equipment and computer equipment including, hardware and the leasing of software,  including installation and cabling. For a monthly rental,you can afford what you need now, and the rental is 100% tax allowable.

IT leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

The key to our IT equipment leasing is just keeping it simple, simple to understand the terms, no grey areas of uncertainty, just straight forward leasing.

Total protection against technical obsolescence.  
 Working with obsolete IT equipment is not efficient when you are involved in the competitive business environment.
Software programmes and hardware requirements are constantly changing.
Oak's IT leasing  and computer equipment leasing programme will enable you to stay ahead of these changes. 

  • Oak Upgrade Option.   With our IT leasing and computer equipment leasing programme, you can add-on extra computer equipment, or upgrade your computer equipment  when you need to, enabling your business to progress with the latest technology and equipment at all times.

  • Simple Cash Flow Management.   The IT leasing and computer equipment leasing payments are fixed throughout the period of the lease, allowing you to confidently plan ahead knowing that your IT equipment  costs will not change in the future.

  • Tailormade contracts, from 12 months to 60 months.   With our tailored agreements we can offer IT leasing and computer equipment leasing from 1 to 5 year terms. You will have the option of making payments monthly, quarterly or annually  giving you a totally bespoke package. 
  • Fixed rentals.  Since  your IT leasing and computer equipment leasing costs are fixed for the duration of the  lease agreement, you can include each year's rentals in your annual budget and eases forward budgeting.

  • IT leasing specialists, keeping it simple, Oak Leasing
  • Tax allowable.    IT leasing and computer equipment leasing is wholly allowable against tax,, this will enable you to offset the rentals that you pay each year against your taxable profits.

  • Extra credit line. IT leasing and computer equipment leasing is entirely separate from any bank overdraft or other credit arrangements you may have, leaving these free for more profitable use elsewhere in your business.IT leasing is a valuable tool when the economy experiences a tightening of credit.

  • End  of lease  management.  Simplified systems at end of the IT leasing and computer equipment leasing period, you can even continue to use the equipment as long as you require.

Freedom of choice. Unlike some I.T. computer equipment leasing companies, we are not tied to any one manufacturer or supplier. You can choose the best equipment that suits your individual needs and requirements.



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Straight talking equipment leasing specialists, Oak LeasingWe speak your language,straight talking, we listen,25 years experience,just real people in the real world, just like you



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"Oak arbeitete um leasing für eine Reihe von Unternehmen habe ich mit zu versorgen. Sie sind immer sehr hilfsbereit und finden immer eine Lösung für Ihre Anforderungen aufgrund ihrer langjährigen Arbeit in diesem Bereich"

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