Our One-click European equipment lease portal covering thirty countries will offer huge benefits to manufacturers and major suppliers.


With over thirty years experience and knowledge of arranging leasing and finance in Europe,  and utilising AI, we have developed a real game changer.


Why use a one click lease portal?

  • Streamlined Process:

One-click functionality simplifies the leasing proposal process, reducing your time and effort required to find and secure equipment leases across multiple countries. Users could access a wide range of leasing options with just a single click, eliminating the need to navigate multiple websites or contact numerous leasing companies individually.Middle Ticket European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

  • Simplified International Transactions:

For Suppliers operating across multiple countries, a one-click portal  streamlines the  whole process of leasing equipment internationally. Users could manage their leases and transactions through a single platform, reducing administrative burdens and potential complexities associated with cross-border leasing.

  • Cost Savings:

 The efficiency and automation provided by the portal would help reduce overhead costs associated with the traditional leasing processes. With quicker decision making, and live information on the portal, including quotations, e-sign documentation, and everything in a local language, it is a huge game changer.

  • Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management:

We are all aware that different countries have differing rules and regulations, perhaps something is allowed in one country, but is not allowed in the next country. Our  centralised portal has tried to incorporate compliance features to ensure that leasing agreements adhere to relevant regulations and standards across different countries. 

  • Improved Customer Experience:

Our unique user-friendly interface and seamless navigation enhances the overall leasing experience for manufacturers and major suppliers.  The convenience of accessing equipment leases with just one click will attract and retain customers, increasing the option of increasing your sales across Europe.


As with everything, the first step is the hardest, but Oak has made this step as easy as we could.

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