Many smaller to midsize businesses have offices and locations  across many different  locations. In place of travelling up and down motorways or airports, video conferencing is now rapidly becoming the new normal.

Accountants will always say, time is money, less travels saves expenses, and saves time, more time means more customers or clients. It’s not rocket science!

Your customers, clients, or staff can see whoever is holding the meeting in person, share files, presentations whiteboards, just as if everyone was around a table in the same room. People can,and do interact with each other, and it is now very much the new normal.

Everyone is fresher, as no early flights, checking in, security queues,  or wet and dark motorways , lorry spray,or car parks We are able to lease video equipment both in the UK as well as your European office.

The video conferencing equipment is not just limited to one room or use. It is very versatile, and can be adapted  to almost all of your situations. Might be a boardroom, trading floor, training room, webinars,  sales meetings, staff meetings  even a conference! You are only limited by yourselves.

Video Conferencing equipment leasing specialists, Oak LeasingWe are able to lease video equipment both in the UK as well as your European office.

What video conferencing  equipment can I lease?

Very good question, well let’s start with the obvious.

  • 4K screens and monitors
  • Microphones.
  • Codecs
  • Storage devices
  • Servers and Racking systems.
  • Media Players, and we have only started!

Why should we consider video conferencing  equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing is ideal for such equipment. We all know that equipment never stands still, every year , a new phone comes out, a new tablet, always offering faster and better software, better cameras, that is exactly the same with video teleconferencing  equipment.

With a lease, you can upgrade your equipment at any time during the lease, so you will always have the most suitable and up to date equipment that you require.