Office Equipment Leasing 

Office equipment leasing has changed greatly since the days of Hamilton and Anglo Leasing. That is the pedigree of Oak Leasing. We have never stood still, and now within the next month we are about to launch a new and exciting leasing product for the office equipment leasing market. In other words, we are "going to spill the beans" for our copier and office equipment supliers and dealers.Office equipment leasing, must be Oak Leasing

To be at the front of this launch, register for exclusive offers here, and be the first to experience the real difference.Oak Leasing, The office equipment leasing company

Oak Leasing has been underwriting photocopier and office equipment leasing for over 24 years, and continue  without any head office interference.

 Oak has greatly expanded its specialist copier and office equipment  funding lines and is prepared to increase  greatly our office equipment leasing portfolio..Oak has been contacted by many manufacturers of office equipment, from most of the large photocopier companies and Var's, to  European IT manufacturers. All have asked for the same thing, can you help us in this very difficult time?

We all are aware that leasing has changed greatly over the last three to four years. Underwriters have moved the goal posts, and even the pitch. Market sectors where funders were happy to underwrite, are now taboo.Funders will enter the market, and then after a few years simply disapear,nothing new there then! This will not alter in the next few months, and could well harden even more with the developing euro crisis, which will affect many european banks. So if you need a straight talking funder, who has been arranging office equipment leasing since 1975, give us a call.

Why Oak Leasing ?Oak Leasing, The office equipment leasing company
The saying is you can't beat experience, staff at Oak first started  in the copier and office equipment leasing market with Anglo & Hamilton Leasing in the 1970's, and ever since have dealt with office equipment leasing. You can tap into over 30 years experience in helping you obtain an acceptance for your office equipment leasing proposal.  

We offer fast payouts,normally by BACS, and competitive rates, but most importantly a friendly and knowledgeable service to help you obtain an acceptance for your office equipment leasing proposal.

It is proving vital in the current climate that customers  are made fully aware that  leasing  is available on your own website. Just over half of all I.T. and office equipment is now either seen first or bought online. To lose the opportunity of closing the deal at this stage is simply something you cannot afford to risk. Oak  has proved that by having a leasing page on your website, not only does it increase traffic to your website, but helps in closing potential customers, and since they will be leasing the office equipment, means that your cash flow will improve.

Coming back to the first question, why use Oak? We have the experience, the funders, and the internet expertise to help you obtain  more sales. Come and join us, see the difference!

Oak Leasing, providing answers in today's challenging  financial climate.