Professions Equipment Finance & Professions Equipment Leasing

Professions Equipment Finance & Professions equipment leasing are crucial in the smooth day to day running of any professions practice. With over twenty years of  professions Equipment finance experience, we know how to structure a bespoke professions finance solution to accommodate all of your requirements. This could be a practice loan, either as a buy- in or a practice buy out, or a new start up, or practice fees, and of course any equipment that you require for your day to day practice needs.

Whatever profession you are in, in this current financial climate, increasing demands are made on your cash-flow. Our professions  finance plans will help to smooth out the the peaks & the troughs, to enable you to concentrate on what you do best, your profession.

Oak professions finance plans have helped hundreds of professionals in the last twenty years, including medical professionals like chemists, dentists, opticians, to  veterinary practices and medical practices.

On the non medical side we have provided professions finance to  accountants, solicitors, through to the construction sector which includes civil engineers, surveyors and architects. Our support over the years has seen them grow and succeed, and our support  will continue to all professions.

For any pan European practice, when you chose Oak Leasing as your professions equipment  finance partner, you will have access to our European Leasing operation. This will enable you have enjoy the benefits of our professions plan for all of  your European offices  in most European countries. This includes local country support which includes local office and a local contact to handle all of the documentation, this helps overcome any language difficulties. Which in this present financial climate is major benefit to you.  All of this to assist you in making life smoother for your professProfessions Finance & Professions Leasing, Oak Leasingions practice in Europe.

Practice Loans

We can arrange the purchase of an established business to include goodwill,fees, fixtures, property refurbishment and of course equipment. Our professions finance plans  can also arrange for the release of capital for personal use, subject to their accountant confirming acceptable from an Inland Revenue perspective.

Case studies

Just starting

Client wished to borrow £70,000 in order to buy into an established GP practice.  As a newly qualified practitioner they did not have a deposit or property with much equity in it.  However, we were able to raise them the money that they needed on an unsecured basis, allowing them to start their career in a profitable and dynamic and well established GP practice.  It is important to note that we were, in effect, raising the money for ‘goodwill’, rather than for bricks and mortar.

Veterinary expansion

We were approached by a long established veterinary practice who were victims of their own success.  Rapidly outgrowing their existing facilities, they urgently needed to expand, but lacked the immediate funds to do so.  Backed by positive accounts and a clear strategy for expansion, we were able to achieve a funding line of 100% of the build and development costs.

The term, Professions Finance can cover a multitude of applications. Ours include:-

  • Equipment finance ,equipment leasing,or Lease purchase. Any specialised equipment that you might require for your business
  • Vehicle finance
  • Computer finance - This includes both hardware & and all soft costs including software
  • Practice loans - including buy-outs and start-ups.
  • Personal loans
  • Refinance

If you were looking for a professional equipment leasing company to assist you in your professions finance, we are here to help you, and look forward to working with you in the future, both in the UK and throughout Europe.

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