Where is the anchor?

Posted on October 10, 2014 | , , ,

I have been amazed over the last few months listening to politicians and commentators saying that the UK has to leave Europe.  What they really mean is that they wish the UK to leave the European Union, for as far as I know, to leave Europe, we would have to haul up our anchor, and then supposedly drift off into the Atlantic.

The UK has been part of the continent of Europe for many thousands of years, and I have to tell them, continental drift takes millions of years !  These broad cliches and sound bites that they spin out, reflect their shortsightedness, and are very much playing to the gallery!

We all are fully aware that the EU as it stands needs to change in many aspects, but to leave, is fraught with dangers. Figures and statistics can prove anything to anyone, always has, and always will, you can make them support any side that you wish to take.

I am a firm believer in together is stronger. Scotland decided to stay togther with the rest of the UK. East and West Germany came together, and as a unified country are definitely stronger. Oak grew stronger by moving our leasing experience into Europe many, many years ago.

In the last two months, three very large US companies, two of which are household names have chosen Oak Leasing to be its European leasing partner. Is it because we understand the European leasing market better than most others, well yes; is is because we have the spread of expertise in our european leasing partners, enabling them to fully support their new leasing programmes in Europe, well yes again.

It simply boils down to this, together, with our leasing partner, we are stronger than being alone, together we can offer support in almost every European country, and together we can offer a complete leasing solution for any company or manufacturer who wishes to either set up or sell their equipment using leasing in Europe.

The FT last week stated that companies should speak out in favour of Europe, instead of keeping quiet. From Oak’s perspective, we have raised our head above the parapet.

For a comprehensive european leasing programme, look no further than Oak Leasing, straight talking, strong european partners, and successful european leasing programmes, that’s Oak.