Business as Usual!

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Posted on June 06, 2016 | , , ,


The talking is over, the result is known, so the UK  has decided to leave the EU. Whilst I consider this a wrong move, I would say it just proves what a mature democracy we have in the UK.  All of us now have to look to the future, and start working with the new situation that we find ourselves.

Firstly, all of our European funders have confirmed that it will be very much business as usual. The negotiations will take over two years from now, so lets just work as we have done over the past 24 years.  It is times like these where suppliers both in Europe and the UK will require help and assistance in all of their european leasing programmes. This is very much a time where experience will pay dividends.

Secondly, the UK funders have enough cash to continue to lend to business, and Mark Carney has just confirmed that the Bank of England will support the market. He started that ” BoE would provide an extra £250bn additional funds through its normal central banking facilities and substantial foreign currency lending to banks if they run short of dollars, euros or yen” So whilst there will be uncertainty, support is ready to be given.

The half glass scenario is a very good indication of how successful businesses will seize opportunities. The pound will be lower for quite a few months I would think, so that will make the prices of our equipment or products that you wish to sell into the EU lower, and therefore, very competitively priced. If you add on that you have an European  leasing or HP solution, it could help you swing the deal into your favour.

So in summary, we have all joined Captain James T Kirk, and together we are boldly going into the future.