Koblenz reflections

Posted on April 04, 2013 | , , ,

I find it mildly unsettling listening to the music of Finzi  from my hotel in Koblenz, as we approach the  centenary of the First World War, where both the UK and the Germans lost a generation.

The two countries are getting closer together than I think we have for many many years. Why unsettling, well perhaps I am from a post war generation whose views have changed from when I was a child, to where I am today. A position that I find myself myself very comfortable and at ease.

The French German coalition in Europe is under extreme pressure, Hollande is wishing to miss another deficit target, and will need Brussel’s blessing, as will many other EU countries. Targets appear to be a moveable feast! With the German elections due in the Autumn, all of Europe, or rather the EU will have to wait until the outcome.

Germany will need a new and steadfast partner, this opportunity is one which we ought to seize with both hands. But in reflection, perhaps we are old partners finding ourselves back together. This is our opportunity to influence the EU, as we have never had previously.

Everybody is discussing growth versus austerity, is the tide turning away from austerity. With unemployment rising in the Southern European countries, anything will appear to be better than austerity. Perhaps a slight relaxation over the summer months is what Europe needs, including the UK.

So why this slightly reflective mood?. Well I personally think that at times in the past , when times where very hard, countries would have distanced themselves from each other, and become entrenched. We all know that some of the decisions that Brussels makes are slightly on the barking side! However, if we ever consider to go our separate ways, just think back almost 100 years ago.

Whatever the faults, whatever the differences, my own personal view is we have to stay and be part of a maturing Europe. From a purely clinical view, it is by far our largest market, and we will need to sell into Europe to move out from  our present financial  position.

For a supplier or manufacturer to penetrate  into a new market, or invigorate a sales push, you will need to have an edge. Everybody says they have an edge, but you will require an astute and experienced  company to provide you with a sharp cutting edge, in other words a proven edge. That is perhaps why this month 5 large European and US companies have chosen Oak to be their European leasing partner. The question is, can you afford not to choose Oak Leasing?