No landing problems for World’s oldest air service

Posted on December 12, 2013 | , , ,

The world’s oldest air service will be re commence for one day only, starting on the 24th of December.

This service has been in active use for at least 150 years. It has never had problems with landing slots, and remarkably, is able to operate throughout the night with no objections. This service has proved to very popular with many generations, who even try and see its craft in the sky.

The service operates world wide, and has a successful customer score of 11 out of 10, quite a score I think you would agree.  How different is the other side of air travel. The Heathrow  saga drags on for years, with much wringing of hands, and papers and reports  of all colours and sizes. And still we have not got anywhere! Just as a point of notice, Frankfurt opened its fourth runway in 2011, and now employs over 78,000 jobs at the airport.

Swiftly moving on, looking back over the year,what did we get right? Well in February we said that buy the end of the year, the French economy would be in a far worse place than the UK,  In Die Spiegel , the renowned German newpaper, dated 11/09/13, they also have came to the same conclusion concerning the German government that we did, two months after Oak called the situation correctly !

Enough of the past, what does the future hold? In the UK, with unemployment down, inflation down, and growth up, the prospects are quite good for the UK. In Europe, it is different, with poor economic data in from France , and an expectation that they will lurch back into recession again, whilst the German economy is expected to grow by 1.7 %.

Whatever the new year holds for us all, may I wish you all a Happy Christmas, and a very profitable New Year, and I hope that the oldest air service brings you all that you wished for!

Oak Leasing, the leading European leasing company