Low pressure spreading from the Atlantic

Posted on August 08, 2014 | , , ,

As the rain falls on yet another Bank Holiday, the general feeling in Europe is as bright as the UK’s weather!

In weather forcaster’s jargon, there is a large depression sweeping in from the Atlantic, this low pressure area will cause disruption to the countries that it moves over.

All of the Euro countries will be affected in some way. Some of the larger economies will be affected quite hard. The main attention will be firmly on France and Italy. Here the general economic malaise and spectre of deflation is looming. You only have to look at Japan over the last decade to see what effect this has on a countries economy.

The UK is however looking quite bright, might have a few showers, but no major storms on the horizon. The economy has changed gear, and is accelerating at quite a brisk pace. More and more companies are now investing in their future, and accordingly using leasing as the chosen way to finance . As the most tax efficient way to acquire the use of equipment, this is hardly surprising. Leasing has always been a very accurate indicator of equipment sales and investment over the last 40 years.

The number of suppliers asking for a vendor leasing package to help them increase their sales this year is quite staggering. With cost the main sales objection, a simply leasing amount over say a week or a month, minimises the cost, and helps overcome the price objection. Nothing new there, as leasing has always been the best closing tool in any salespersons’s box .

Yet our main growth area is European companies asking for a leasing solution for their customers throughout Europe. With the looming low pressure about to settle over the Continent, leasing is proving to be the main driving force to help increase sales for companies. The suppliers vary from IT, Medical, and scientific, to audio visual, and airport fire tenders.

As with all weather related issues, there is always blue sky somewhere, and Oak is able to help you locate this patch of blue in whichever country that you require. So for the best weather in The UK or Europe, you know who to use, Oak Leasing, the UK, and European leasing specialist,

We have invented the wheel, we simply find the correct tyre to help you accelerate your sales!