The Pantomime Season

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Posted on December 12, 2017 | , , ,

Here we all are as we approach the end of a very rollercoaster year.  I think that the pantomime season started quite early this year, my reckoning was before the Summer, but I could be wrong.

Many of our favourite characters have been seen, The Ugly Sisters, Madam Twankey,and not forgetting the Genie! Finally common sense has prevailed.

However, we have now completed part one of Brexit, well so we are told. The key phrase in any pantomime is ” behind you”, and I hope that all the posturing is well behind us as we look to the New Year.

Sometimes, you look to the new year with a sense of trepidation, and uncertainty. This new year is different. This year will see new beginnings, people wishing to set out on their own or with like-minded friends, new starts, full of enthusiasm and expectations. It is down to companies like Oak to support these new firms and help them grow their businesses.

As with new beginnings, there will be new challenges for all of us. No one knows how this year will develop, but with new challenges, there are always new opportunities in every type of business, which must be seized firmly.  The Romans had a phrase for this, “Carpe Diem” and they knew a few things about expansion into new countries!!

If any company finds a gap in their chosen market, they might need extra machinery or equipment. That is where funders and leasing companies must support these firms.

This year, Oak has moved into new markets, seized new opportunities, and in the coming year will continue, with three very exciting new ventures. In one of these ventures, it was the major overseas supplier who approached Oak and asked for help to expand in Europe.

If you are a new start, we can help you with some of the best leasing rates available to you, we remember when we were a new start over 25 years ago.  If you are a company who spots an opportunity, and requires finance, please just use our calculator, and give us a call. For larger deals over £100K, please just use our contact form.

And finally, back to Europe, one of the most discussed subjects of many company’s minds.  Do not dismiss the European market as too hard, too difficult; is may possess many challenges, but outweighing this is the numerous opportunities that it can offer in the way of new business. We have helped many suppliers, varying from smaller companies to very well-known market leaders.

They saw the opportunities, and went for them, let us help you seize your day