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Why accept the first offer of leasing when you could save thousands?

You should always check the leasing rental offered by your supplier,you could save thousands!

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By choosing Oak over a leading supplier's online calculator on a new start business, with a cost of £12500,would save you over £2000 over the three years!

And if the cost was £25,000 the saving would be £4,752 That is a real saving to you. For an established customer, on the same amount, the saving would be £2232!

These are straight fixed term leasing contracts,  there are no low teaser rates, no annual fees, just transparency, and our wealth of experience.

Lease Rate Checker

Monthly Payment
£ 375.00

Equivalent Quarterly Repayments
£ 375.00

Equivalent Weekly Payment
£ 375.00
Less than or equal to 3 years trading
More than 3 years trading
3 yrs
3 yrs
4 yrs
5 yrs


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Online Quotations are intended for guidance only, and are all subject to status and credit underwriting.

Funding is only available for Limited companies, LLP's and PLC's

All rentals quoted are vat exclusive. H.P is also available.

The calculator is based on a lease profile of three months in advance. i.e. 3 + 33. Other profiles are available.

Minimum amount funded is £7,500

We do not hide our leasing calculator, we do not say call us for a quote, we are totally transparent.

Our equipment leasing calculator is right up front, just like Oak.

We all use comparison websites for saving money.

Simply compare our rate calculator with the others.

 You choose the equipment, You choose the supplier.

So, the only question is, do you like saving money?


The best equipment leasing rates, Oak Leasing


Looking for the best equipment leasing rates? Use our lease calculator, But don't tell everyone !!

Straight talking equipment leasing specialists, Oak LeasingWe speak your language,straight talking, we listen,25 years experience,just real people in the real world, just like you



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Oak Leasing, the equipment leasing specialists

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"Unlike conventional finance houses, John Barter will take time to visit you and get to know you and your business so that he can tailor a package of funding thats specific to your needs.

Oak Leasing specialize in flexible short term funding for capital purchases and corporate restructuring activity. This coupled with John Barter always ready to advise adds up to an unbeatable level of service, from start to finish"

David Rees M.D. Amman Catering

"I have dealt with many leasing companies in the past but have used Oak Leasing for a number of years now. The manner in which they go about their business is efficient, friendly and importantly very helpful and supportive.

Over the years they have provided my clients with excellent rates with fast easy to understand instructions. These are just some of the reasons why I pick up the phone to them for anything to do with equipment leasing"

John Morrison M.D Ace of Herts


"Most of the equipment finance and equipment leasing companies will fund only the established businesses. But Oak Leasing help even the start ups since they understand the difficulties that the start ups and business face."

Business Finance in the UK.

"Oak worked to lease for a number of companies I have to supply." They are always very helpful and will always find a solution for your needs due to its long-standing work in this area"


Will Hirons MD SureTrac


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