Teach yourself Latin here!

Teach  yourself  Latin here!
Posted on January 01, 2013 | , , ,

At the beginning of any New Year, people and companies set goals, targets, and of course resolutions. Over 96% of all of these I am told normally fail to last even three months! Now I am not a classic scholar, but I always remember schooldays when the headmaster would always say at first assembly back after Christmas, the phrase “carpe diem”. He would interpret this as “sieze the day, make every day count” which is a brilliant way to look at every new year.

However, after reading the poem by Horace, the actual line says “carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero” . The word “carpe” here translates as the word pluck, as you would a fruit from a tree. In other words an opportunity that you would not pass.

At the start of any new year, companies and businesses take the opportunity to see where they  can grow their business, any new markets, and new countries, and how to achieve growth.

To achieve these new targets, you might have to invest in new equipment, or machinery, new IT or software. Some companies might even look towards Europe, as an area in which they could expand, if only they had a european leasing partner.

To cut to the chase, Oak will help you in the funding of your new machinery or software, we will also be to assist you in any european vendor programme that you may wish to pursue. Opportunities do not come every day, some you have to dig hard to locate them, other are just like an overhanging branch, laden with fruit, just waiting for someone to pluck them from the tree.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very prosperous New Year, and happy fruit picking!