Gaussian Robotics have now launched a  European equipment leasing programme to enable it’s distributors to offer  leasing on over 29 countries in Europe.

Payment Options Matter.

Customers, large or small will expect their suppliers to offer a payment option. To expect that customers have a money tree in their garden is not at all realistic.  Capex budgets are tight,and will tighten, similarly local funding is either at capacity, or unable to cross borders. The Gaussian Robotics lease plan will enable you to offer such a lease plan, and will assist in overcoming the price objection or no budget objections.

European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

Coupled with the ability of either finance or operating leasing, it covers all the options. Similarly local funding is either at capacity, or unable to cross borders. Oak has the ability to step in and arrange alternate funding.Furthermore, this is done efficiently, discreetly and professionally throughout Europe.


With one single point of contact to cover all of Europe, it is hardly rocket science!

  • Local offices in 27 European countries
  • Local documentation will be in the country  language, with E signature documentation ensuring our service is fast, simple and personal
  • Local support in each country
  • Local sales training if you are a European vendor supplier.Oak has been very successful in helping both manufacturers and customers in Europe for over 29 years

Together we can offer you a focus on positive, lasting relationships and treat all with the highest importance whether they are with our specialist European vendor suppliers or our direct customers. Gaussian Robotics Equipment Lease PlanAbove all, we pride ourselves in offering personal, face-to-face service to both you and your customers, be they in Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Germany or any other country.

Furthermore, we are fully aware that each of our European suppliers and customers have unique challenges in their own countries, and therefore  we have developed  our  pan European equipment finance to meet these challenges with expertise, dedication, transparency, integrity and sincerity.


Do not think these are  just “off the peg”, each of our plans are bespoke to your individual requirements,  as a manufacturer, distributor, or as a stand alone customer. To send an application, please use the green button below.




Why do customers choose to use leasing?

You will never actually know, as there can a many answers to that question, however this will give you a guide.


How do I work out the repayments?

It is impossible to have a calculators to handle all 29 countries that we can fund.

So if your customer is in the UK, please use this calculator.


For the rest of Europe, this is an easy way to give a “ballpark ” figure to your customer.

Say if your robot costs €15,000 + tax

3 year lease

15000 x 3.03 ( lease factor). = 45,450

Divide by 100 = 454.50 

Now multiply by 3 for the Quarterly rental  454.50 x 3 = €1,363.50 per Quarter


5 year lease

15000 x 1.89 ( lease factor). = 28,350

Divide by 100 = 283.50  

Now multiply by 3 for the Quarterly rental  283.50  x 3 = €850.50 per Quarter


Please remember that vat, TVA, MWSt, etc has to be added to the quarterly rental amount.


To send an application, please use the green button below.

Gaussian European Equipment Lease Form