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Oak Leasing have been arranging cctv security equipment leasing since the day we opened for business over 25 years ago. We  have arrangements with most of the main cctv & security manufacturers and distributors.

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As the credit crunch effects installers and customers alike, unlike some leasing companies, who are moving away from cctv equipment leasing, This week, another major UK equipment leasing funder has announced that they are closing in the UK. We are actively  underwriting cctv, and will continue to do so for the forseable future. Oak does not use flow charts or head office memos to determine how, and what  we lease. CCTV equipment leasing, Oak Leasing


Historically, leasing has been used by the cctv security equipment and security industry for over 30 years. Customers realise the benefits that leasing a cctv security  system brings when related to a monthly or weekly leasing figure.

The value of goods that walk out of the door, compared to the weekly  leasing cost is a very simple equation. 

Installer's benefits:-

  • Cost Presentation - Replacing the capital expenditure with a smaller lease rental figure,


  • CCTV leasing specialists, Oak Leasing
  • Improves CCTV Equipment Installers Cash Flow  Your invoice is processed for payment once all documents are received on completion of install and signed off by customer


  • Upgrade Opportunities  As any business grows, their needs and requirements change. With leasing, equipment can be added to the system or upgraded at any time during the period of the lease, so that you will always have the most up- to date and efficient cctv equipment system.

If you paid cash, you could be lumbered with obsolete and inefficient equipment, as the change from analogue to digital clearly shows.

Whatever size of cctv security equipment system you require, be it domes, or cameras, or access control, Oak Leasing have the answers  and experience that you need for your cctv equipment and security leasing requirements.

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£ 375.00
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