Nero’s fiddle!

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Posted on February 02, 2019 | , , ,

There is a well repeated story concerning the Emperor Nero, who supposedly played a fiddle, while the city of  Rome was burning. I think that this is a very early indication of what we now call “ fake news” . Firstly the fiddle, or viola was not invented until the early  1100’s, and secondly, he was over 35 miles away in his villa in Antium!

History is always either written or re written by the victors, take Richard the 3rd, Oliver Cromwell, but now it called “spin”.  Politicians even have “ spin doctors” as the name suggests, they doctor the facts to suit themselves! Might I suggest that the Emperor Galba, who eventually succeeded Nero was the first known employer of a spin doctor!

The Secretary of State for International Trade stated back in 2017, that the second after midnight, the day the UK leaves the European Union, we would have 40 EU free trade agreements!! He went further, he added,”all those faint hearts saying we cannot do it, it’s absolute rubbish” At least he said something correct!

At this moment, the UK is facing  a crucial point in it’s history, all we hear about are differing factions , Remainers, Leavers, soft Brexit, hard Brexit, there is so much fake news  and spin, if they were paving  stones, you could walk to the moon and back, with ease!

The IOD has stated that 16% of companies have relocation plans in place , and according to the BBC Newsnight programme, 100’s of  UK companies are setting up European offices and factories. Brexit relocation is just one of the cold hard facts that we are facing.

Companies who are looking to move require certainty and continuity, not chaos and confusion; is Brexit on or off, hard or soft, Canada plus plus or Norway plus, or do we simply go to WTO rules?

Oak has vast European finance experience, we have already funded factory moves into Europe, not just the  easy countries like The Netherlands or Germany, but countries like Slovakia and Slovenia. The equipment has varied from complete production lines  to highly specialised production equipment, medical, printing, scientific, renewables, and the more standard IT equipment. If you are thinking of relocating your production lines or opening up new offices in Europe, we can offer Brexit relocation finance.

I can say with totally clarity, we have not played any musical instrument in any city in Italy, but we have arranged finance  throughout Europe.

As we stagger to an end game with Brexit, no matter what side you are on, you require certainty and continuity. Oak can give you that both in the UK, as well as any plans you might have in Europe. We are not faceless men is dark suits  writing the standard corporate nonsense that no one ever believes . Companies chose Oak because we are frank, straight talking, jargon free, and professional, with funding sources from the leading European and UK banks and institutions.

If that strikes a chord with you, let’s start a conversation.