Go à la carte with Oak!

With Oak, YOU choose the equipment, YOU choose the supplier, but YOU are not tied to having to go with the suppliers leasing company. YOU are free to enjoy having the most competitive catering equipment leasing rates on the web, and this will give YOU large monthly savings. Being totally independent and impartial from any one supplier, YOU have the best catering equipment leasing rates available, even for new start catering business. With Oak, YOU always come first, just fill in the four boxes and press send my quote now!

Leave table d’hôte for others !

With Oak you have the best of both worlds, you can choose the catering supplier with the lowest prices, and now you can choose Oak and enjoy the lowest catering equipment leasing rates. So you have a choice with Oak, you have total freedom of suppliers  but, you will save money by using our catering equipment leasing calculator. Have you cake and eat it!!

Whatever the equipment, whatever the taste, leasing will help you reach the next stage. If you are a start-up, it will help you acquire the kitchen equipment you need to start. Or as an established company, help you seize other business opportunities for growth.

Catering equipment leasing over the past year has seen huge growth and demand from the catering and hospitality sector as new restaurants and coffee shops open. With banks struggling to come to terms with the hospitality industry, they appear to lack understanding when it comes to lending money for crucial equipment to new start-ups for their catering equipment.

Choose from Oak’s à la carte Catering Equipment Leasing menu, but only pay for table d’hôte rates!

Catering equipment leasing specialists Oak LeasingWe are not Johnny come lately to catering equipment leasing, we have always funded  the restaurant equipment  leasing and kitchen equipment  for over 26 years.  Why, well simply we understand where you are coming from,  be it a new start or for a restaurant kitchen refit. Whatever the equipment or furniture that you need, we will finance it for you.

The key is both leasing and coffee can be personalised to individual tastes and businesses.

This will enable you to choose from multiple suppliers in gaining you the lowest price for your equipment, and then to put cream on your cake, by using Oak, you have the best catering equipment leasing rates. That is having your cake and eating it!!