Doom & gloom, I don’t think so !

Doom & gloom, I don’t think so !
Posted on July 07, 2012 |


Doom and gloom, I don’t think so!

Oak has a supplier who we have known for over 15 years . They are an experienced team who are very successful in the supplying  of bespoke shopfitting to a professional market .
As with everything at the moment, it is all down to cost,and every customer is trying to either ” make do and mend” or looking for the cheapest solution. We all know that apparently cheaper solutions almost always cost more in the longer run.
Coming back to my story,this supplier always offers a leasing solution at the very start of discussions. This openness  will normally guide the customer into making a decision, not purely based on a cash price,but makes them look at the longer picture, which is normally the real cheaper option.
This is no story, this supplier has arranged leasing for over £200k inthe last 6 weeks. That is not to be sniffed at, now or at any other time.
The key is to have a leasing landing page on your website, as a customer will assume, rightly or wrongly that you do not offer such a facility. In this present climate,anything  that can make  a customer come to you and that you can close a sale is absolutely  crucial.
If you agree, and want a chat about having a leasing page on your site, please just put your email address into the comments, and I will respond.
The last thought that I will leave you with is that leasing is a “sales-aid” , always has been, always will be, and Oak will always provide it.
I was taught many years ago, your brain is like a parachute, it only works if it is open! Any ideas to help suppliers sell in this climate must be welcomed.  Look forward to hearing from you.