Every Cloud has a silver lining

Every Cloud has a silver lining
Posted on May 05, 2011 |

hey say every cloud has a silver lining, although in this present financial climate, you have to dig pretty deep.


The crisis over the Eurozone, is deepening, even if all the politicians seem to be denial. The Finnish Government can halt  the Portugal debt bail out; the Greeks are still on the slippery slope, and just when you think the Irish are working their way out of the problem, the French say the will only agree to a rate cut to the Irish, if the Irish change their ultra low tax rate on business.  “C’est La Vie!” Nothing new in Europe then.


In the UK, we are still slowly emerging from our recession, according to the latest information on bank lending, net lending to UK firms has actually been falling significantly in recent months, according to the British Banking Association, which recently produced figures showing that it fell by £4.6 million in February and by £4.7 million in March.But you need to replace some equipment to expand and grow  your business. So what is the way forward for you?


We all know, you cannot stand still, to do nothing is simply sliding backwards. Every time, the banks have acted like this, leasing has grown, as the demand for extra credit has turned from expensive bank overdrafts to equipment leasing. The slight silver lining lies here, as inflation rises, a lease rental is fixed, so inflation will erode the real cost to the company. This coupled with the fact that leasing companies are hungry for your business means that there should be some great deals out ther for you.


In all this financial news, at least I found a sliver of silver.!


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