Reaching for the stars!

Posted on July 07, 2020 | , , ,

You may well wonder why the Space  Shuttle has landed  on Oak’s webpage!  

Very simply really,  one of the suppliers of specialist scientific electronic equipment in the  Space shuttle has chosen Oak Leasing to be it’s UK and European leasing partner.

The manufacturer,  Copper Mountain Technologies, who are based in the USA, required an experienced European equipment leasing partner, who was able to support their sales efforts in over 27 countries in Europe.

Our discussions between our two companies have led to an exciting new chapter, as we both look forward to strong relationship.

We are pleased to offer our customers and partners in Europe a way to acquire CMT network analyzers without significant upfront cost. This is yet another way we extend the reach of our customers, with innovative products and great support from  Oak Leasing.

Irena Goloschokin

CEO      Copper Mountain Technologies

Even when we are all working through the current Covid situation, you should never stop to doubt yourselves . People say that the past is behind you, the future , you cannot know, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.

If you look at some of the Space shuttle names, they feel very apt for the time we are experiencing, Discovery,Enterprise, and Endeavour. Surely, all attributes that we can use in our day to day  business.

This is a very exciting time for Oak, and I look forward to other American and European companies joining with all of our others to prove that although the shuttles now longer fly, their names will always be remembered .