Standing still, not an option!

Standing still, not an option!
Posted on June 06, 2011 |

Back in the mid seventies, when I first started in Leasing,  the company I was with launched a sliding  card lease calculator, which worked out the lease rentals for every £100 increase in costs. This was considered the most cutting edge sales aid tool available. At this time, remember that a simple calculator was costing in the region of £8- £ 10, and back in the 70’s that was quite a lot of money.


How things have changed, last week, Oak Leasing launched  the first equipment leasing app in the UK. The amount of information and the rate calculator available would be something that dreams were made of back in the seventies.   From simple calculators, we moved on to PC’s, whose capacity and speed have changed evrybodies lives. Now it seems that PC’s are beginning to look dated, with new cloud technology starting to take over.


I have said many times, standing still is never an option, and technology is helping everybody access information quicker, and at a time that suits them best.  That was one reason why we launched the Oak leasing App, you can work the rentals out, propose the customer, whilst sitting with the customer. Leasing has now access to another closing tool, and in this present climate where only last week  Vince Cable was bemoaning the bankers lack of providing enough credit, many people forget that lease finance is a simple but effective tool in overcoming budget restrictions as well as cost objections.


Now where was my sliding rate calculator.