Spin !

Spin is for cricket, Oak Leasing, Equipment leasing specialists
Posted on March 03, 2022

I had the undoubted pleasure of seeing one of the greatest masters of spin ever, Shane Warne, or “Warnie” . He was a total master of spin .His variations was immense, from a leg break, a “googly”, and his best, the “flipper”. When  he bowled, the batsmen were always unsure which ball he would send down.

Another master of spin, this time a different sort of spin was Alistair Campbell. Again, not introduction required here, but he was again, a true master of spin. Spin is used now to make an idea or an event to appear  better than reality.

It is not a modern invention. Shakespeare described Richard the Third as”poisonous bunch-backed toad” which continued until the skeleton was discovered in Leicester , when the Lancet stated that Richard had a “well-balanced curve” that might not have been plainly visible. An example of early spin from the Tudors!

The world has changed, and certainties are now uncertainties, we all face difficult situations, some countries more than others.

Bearing that in mind, and with no spin, this is how Oak is experiencing  this year. No week is the same, sometimes two days very busy, and then you are convinced that BT has cut your phone lines for the next two days. Talking to companies whom we have known for years, this appears to be a general situation.

The deals that we are moving forward and closing are larger planned expenditure, often in the mid seven figures. Companies that have a well thought plan and know that whilst storms come, they also pass.

It is relationships that build a company, and it is relationships that help companies grow. It is in my view, crucial that in these relationships, you never use spin, you gain respect, you gain transparency, you gain integrity and you gain their trust.

In my view, leave spin to the politicians, and the greatest spinner of all, “Warnie”