GSE Funding in Europe

Ground Support Equipment Finance Specialists Oak Leasing

Rigby Capital

We are pleased to announce that Rigby Capital, the experienced and innovative asset funder will be partnering with Oak in the European  funding of GSE Equipment.


Airports at the moment, especially regional ones are having to face to making difficult choices. Expansion, new security protocols, chassis life of airside vehicles, and emission and climate change regulations.


So why use us?


Twenty Seven years GSE funding experience

Problem solvers, not document fillers

European coverage, with one point of contact

Structured payment plan to fund build of equipment



This relationship, as part of the Rigby Group offers considerable aviation experience in both airports and ground support equipment, with funding capabilities for both airside and landside. 



With one single point of contact, this is done efficiently, discreetly and professionally.


The challenges for any airport now are maintaining growth, safety, and profit. All of these come with a financial cost.

Capex is always under pressure, with future expansion, emissions reductions and climate change, chassis life, and new security protocols all adding to costs that have to be funded. With maintenance on older equipment making them perhaps closer to end of life than airports would have wanted, also coming into the picture.

Oak and Rigby Capital together have the ability to fund  whatever GSE equipment you require, both airside and landside, and crucially fund the service and maintenance all rolled up in one  payment. if required.  Everything tied into one simple monthly or quarterly payment, just makes common sense really!

 The ability to manage and control costs is vital in the aviation world. With costs fluctuating , often on a weekly basis such as fuel, companies have to hedge currencies to ensure that they have the best price for fuel and other commodities.

To have a fixed cost for the airside equipment reduces both stress on cashflow budgets, and capital purchases, and spread for say five, seven or ten years in advance in a constant changing world enables accurate financial planning and control.

GSE equipment leasing will enable airports and ground handling service providers, both passenger and cargo, to be able to offer a comprehensive leasing or finance package, as  the growth of climate smart technology will force airports  to review and replace what equipment they have airside. Growth at any airport, will come under increasing scrutiny , and will have to be carbon neutral.

Almost all airports use leasing or finance to help them spread their payments for equipment both airside and landside. At Munich airport, one of the  major landside restaurants used Oak for the refurbishment of their restaurant . We have funded fuel tankers, stairs and dollies, inspection gantries, fire tenders, friction testers, GPUs, you name it, we have more than likely financed it!