Gaining an advantage in Europe in 2015.

Posted on December 12, 2014 | , , ,

The first part of the blog will appear quite boring, but bear with me, as once I paint the picture, the exciting part will appear.

Now for the boring part, the European Central Bank will in January publish is new monetary policy. I expect it go embark on full scale quantive easing to try and avoid the twin spectres of stagflation and recession in Europe.  The practicle effect of this is that the euro on the currencies markets will fall, and it tries to encourage growth in the Euro zone, and in some ways, protect the manufacturing companies in the euro zone from competition from outside.  In a simple sentence, selling into the Euro zone will be harder for any UK , US and Nordic countries, so the the cost of your equipment in comparative pricing will appear far more expensive that your European competitors. Here endeth the boring part!!

As you are aware, Oak is a leading european leasing company in Europe, and this will give you a crucial advantage if you are selling, or about to launch a vendor programme into Europe.

Firstly, you will not be disadvantaged by the softening of the euro, as we have funding partners who will benefit from this lower euro rate,and will pass on this lower rate, enabling Oak to reflect this to yourselves in the rates that we can offer in the Eurozone. This will help you to minimise the currency rate differential.

When competition is hard, the key to any vendor programme is to minimise the cost objection, and leasing is the perfect and proven answer to this objection. So to sumarise briefly, by using Oak,  we can help alleviate the softening of the currency, give you increased credibility to your customers by showing your awareness of the problems in the Eurozone, and crucially helping your market penetration.  Not too bad to start the new year with I think, but I would ask the question, has your existing funder or leasing company flagged up this to either your sales team or finance team? If not, have they taken their eye off the ball or simply looking at a profit opportunity?

I make no apologies about this blog being a hard push for business, this year we have linked up with three very large US companies, and two large European companies who use Oak to help them increase their sales in Europe.

Next year, 2015, will be no cake walk, you have to have someone at your side proven leasing pedigree to guide you through leasing in Europe. Someone with years of experience, and someone with a finger not only on the pulse, but looking to the future with financial insight.

Whatever equipment that you sell, from IT, Audio, Scientific, Medical, and even Spa rooms, you know where to come for a tailormade european leasing programme. Come and join us in 2015, and let us take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

That’s it for 2014, lets look forward to making 2015 a cracker!!